Preparing for 2019

Having the clubs reviewed for the 2019 season was this customers priority.  Loft and lie angle along with a new set of grips will make sure he has every chance of putting his best swing forward on these clubs.  A small investment to make to ensure you get the most out of the game everytime you stand on the tee.

New set of Exotics ready for customer

Custom fit and built the new Exotics EXS Irons fitted with Accra Golf Shafts - Customer collected and over the moon, just wanting a bit of good weather to return to get his season off to a great start.  

New range of Exotics ready to go

Another custom fit and build.

Finished off the Tour Edge Golf EXS driver and hybrids with ACCRA Golfshafts FX2 100 series. Look amazing and customer looking forward to taking out on the course tomorrow.  

Putters going out to the Tour

Steven Tiley SeeMore Putters custom built and ready to despatch to him for use on the Tour events for 2019.

Bench space now available

Another week where Tour Edge Golf Exotics EXS drivers, Fairway wood and CBX fairway wood and Miura Golf 501 irons collected. Bench now made for the next customers custom fit and build to commence.