Putt Lab - Devon new SPi

Welcome on board to Joe Ferguson at Putt Lab - Devon as new SeeMore SPi Centre.  Joe has taken delivery of 9 putters from the Black Classic series including 3 left hand models.  In his set up he also has all the different shaft options available - Straight, Offset Whistle, and Hosel.  

Joe is able to custom fit and determine the right length, loft, lie for each player, and have a custom-built putter delivered to meet the exact requirements.  The SeeMore putter method of Hide the Red Dot between the two white lines is a simple method which supports players with a straight forward set up for every putt and enables inconsistencies to be removed.  

Putting accounts for approx 40% of the game so having a custom fitted and built putter could be the best investment you make.

Reviews of mFGP20

Don’t over think your way out of making a putt - Swami posted a review of Platinum mFGP20 - If you have solid fundamentals, the SeeMore putter is the right tool to get you shooting lower scores. SeeMore putters have fantastic feedback. So trust your putter, your swing, and clear your mind. Hide the dot and putt away. 

T posted a review of Platinum mFGP20 - I bought an older model of this putter a year and a half ago. Very easy to use and made my alignment issues I was having very easy to fix. Would love to have a chance to be fitted for one in the future

Mike posted a review of Platinum mFGP20 - I love the See More system and it has made me a better person for it. I feel better about myself and putting better makes me forget about Covid. It has changed my life! 

Customer Reviews of M7 Tour Hosel and Offset

RST Hosel - Brilliant
SeeMore has been in my bag for over 3 years, and I cannot see a day when it won't be. Simply put, this is a small company with big reach that treats its customers like family. I like the straight in shafts, but my speed control has always been better with a plumber's neck and a little forward press. The new RST Hosel is incredible and makes all the difference for me. My third round with this putter featured an 80 foot bomb. My fourth round totaled up to 26 putts. Thank you SeeMore for building me a putter with great balance, feel, and looks. Thank you, SeeMore for making me a better putter.

M7 Tour Offset - Good putter, would buy one again - Wild Bill -, would buy another if needed.


Thank You

What a lovely surprise and made my day. A Thank You card from a lady customer in IoM who had a full set of Tour Edge Golf Clubs.

On her first outing with the custom-fitted set, she said "I was so pleased to get 8 pars and feeling very optimistic and happy with my purchase".

She is having lessons with John Tinsely one of our custom-fit outlets and is thoroughly enjoying her golfing journey.


Happy Retirement Present

Customer's retirement present to himself.  Set of Miura TC201 Irons with Accra 105 Steel shafts and MCC Plus 4 green grips.  Tour Edge Exotics EXS220 Driver fitted with KBS TD Shaft 60 CAT 2 R Flex and MCC Plus 4 Red Grip.  He is looking forward to getting out on the golf course.