Lockdown! Order still coming in

Although we are still in lockdown officially until 2 December, it has not stopped the orders from coming in.  Work in progress this week includes:-
SeeMore Broomhandle Putter which is being shipped to customer in Saudi Arabia - distance no issue.
Tour Edge Exotics CBX Forged Wedges and Exotics EXS Pro 4 Wood with Mitsubishi Tensi Shaft.

Customers are preparing themselves for the courses to open next week again and setting themselves up for practicing over the winter season with their new set ups.


Bench is full

Lockdown continues but the orders keep flowing in.  A lot of work in progress at the moment.
Number 1 is Tour Edge Exotics EX220 Irons being fitted with Accra i70 Graphite Shafts
Number 2 is Tour Edge Exotics EXPro CB Irons fitted with Nippon 950 Neo Steel shafts
Number 3 is Tour Edge HLC 3 Wood with Rogue Ladies shaft

Gift Voucher for Christmas

Why not buy a gift voucher this year to enable your loved one to buy what they want for their Christmas present this year.  Rather than the usual socks or hankies which just go in the draw, it could go towards a new club, it could be for a fitting to enable the right club to be identified.  Or it could just be used for a regrip, loft, and lie or bag evaluation.  The choices are huge.

We will create your voucher and post first class post to you and they will be valid for 12 months from issue.

Bumper order

Packaging this box of goodies up for

Forthview Golf Range

was a challenge. 16 putters across the SeeMore Putter Black Classic range and Platinum Series, along with groovy headcovers, SPi CT Putting Mirrors, Grips, Towels. Well stocked for Custom Fitting and Xmas orders.

All one length

Customer - Richard Barnett from Club Doctor wanted a set of one length clubs, which were custom built for him as his workshop was out of action.

Very pleased with the result and now looking forward to getting onto the golf course to try them out.


From components to build

When approached about creating starter sets of clubs for two new people to golf, the selection of components and then taking it through the build process is as important for them as for a seasoned golfer.  No real knowledge but want to give this wonderful game a go and happy to support on their journey.

Wishon EQ1 NX in build

The brand new single length design concept from Wishon, EQ1 NX retains the same 8 iron single length, while adding many new performance-enhancing features.  EQ1 NX Hybrids allow the custom assembly to match single length irons, representing the most unique and versatile hybrid design.

The customer ordered and build is in progress with KBS Tour Graphite shafts being fitted.  Build sheet and preparation is key to this custom build to ensure correct flight from each club.


Custom Build to Ship

From workbench to shipping directly to the customer of custom built Vega Alkaid Driver fitted with KBS TD60 shaft and Miura CB301 Irons fitted with KBS TGi 60 shafts and all finished off with a quality Grip Master Roo leather grip.

Bench to Shipping

The lucky recipients of these Tour Edge Exotics clubs are based in the IoM so when we ship on Monday they will be able to play golf that week with their new purchases.  All custom-built to specificiation following a fitting with John Tinsley our agent in IoM.  

John also taking in a number of SeeMore Putters to fulfill orders placed with him.  

New Vega Alkaid Driver

The workbench continues to progress and a great addition to the build schedule today is the new Vega Alkaid Driver.
The most advanced driver we’ve ever made. The Alkaid is the first Vega driver to have interchangeable shafts in open play.
Two piece construction utilising a full carbon fibre crown and Airflow stabilizer back and a Tisole and face.

The Slide-Track weight port enables the player to adjust launch and spin characteristics giving the ultimate in customisation. The airflow stabilizer has been reengineered in carbon fibre allowing us to position and shape the channels for maximum aerodynamic performance giving the most efficient and stable head possible.

The Alkaid is the first Vega driver to have interchangeable shafts in open play.

Maximum aerodynamic performance

New airflow stabilizer design

Interchangeable Shafts

Work in progress

Back from a week golfing in Scotland and the bench is full of work in progress already. Set of Miura Golf CB301 irons with Tour Graphite KBS Golf Shafts, and Tour Edge Golf EXS Pro Forged wedges with ACCRA Golf SP Wedge shafts.