Jucad Trolley available

We are now able to offer and service the Jucad Trolley.  Design favourites, technically innovative with a lifelong quality. Electric and manual trolleys made of titanium, stainless steel or carbon.  They break down to such a small package which makes fitting into the boot of a car a very simple task even if you drive a Porche!

World-class design - JuCad electric trolleys hide their technology with precise, minimalist design. Your JuCad is guaranteed to be a talking-point on the golf course.
• Hand-crafted in Germany: high-end materials give absolute stability despite the ultra-lightweight frame. A JuCad can handle even the heaviest golf bag.
• Award-winning: JuCad golf trolleys have been victorious in the reddot design awards, iF Design Awards and the German Design Awards.
• Superb materials: JuCad’s titanium and stainless-steel frames shine with a noble, satin-like finish, and the carbon models have a beautiful, shimmering surface. Whichever you choose, your JuCad looks elegant and sporty both up-close and across the fairway.

Integrated technology package
• JuCad 2.0 Tech: electronic parking brake on both sides for secure grip; magnetic plug for quick & safe connection of power pack to trolley and during charging; integrated charge state display; two powerful brushless silent-running motors (maintenance-free).
• “Invisible” Power Pack: the modern lithium battery (just 1.3kg) securely stows away in your golf bag. This protects your battery and electronics from weather and UV radiation, and keeps it out of sight.
• Silent Differential Drive: JuCad’s brushless electric motor produces high-efficiency performance, plus low-wear durability and reliability.
• Auto-Forward function: set to 10m, 20m and 30m.
• Battery Charge Protection: prevents accidental overcharge or total discharge of the battery.
• Optional remote control: available for all JuCad electric models.

Maximum comfort
• Easy Fold / Unfold: all JuCads take just seconds to unpack / pack away.
• Unbelievably compact: JuCads fit even the smallest boot. And who takes their golf trolley on their golf holiday? JuCad customers do. The ‘Travel’ fits into your golf bag travel cover – so you need only check in one piece of luggage at the airport.
• Simple Speed: regulate speed with JuCad’s stepless speed dial. No buttons to press.
• Rotary Drive Controller: instant, smooth change between Drive, Neutral and Reverse.
• Long-Lasting Power: up to 45 holes on a single charge of the high-performance lithium battery.
• Push/Pull Friendly: in Neutral, freely push or pull your JuCad. Quick-change between Powered and Push/Pull without needing to disengage the wheels.
• Height-adjustable handlebar: JuCad ergonomics will relax your muscles and improve your posture.
• Five-year warranty on frame: with a two-year warranty on all mechanical and electrical parts.

Accessorise, Personalise
• 90+ golf bag designs: customisable, waterproof, dynamic, elegant designs in a wide range of colours
• Matching accessories: scorecard holder; JuCad padded golf bag travel case; extra-large, ultra-light JuCad golf umbrellas; features-packed lightweight JuCad golf bags.
• Colour choices: accessories, wheels & tyres are available in many colors at no extra cost.

Wishon EQ1-NX One Length Clubs with KBS

Custom Build of Wishon EQ1-NX single-length irons in progress with KBS TGi graphite shafts, plus EQi Hybrid and Fairway wood. 
The customer came to see us for an iron fitting on 23 July and will be collecting on 17 August. 
Stock levels with most manufacturers are proving a challenge for the industry, luckily we have been able to maintain a level of service and supply to meet our customer needs in a timely fashion!  That was also with us taking a week's holiday ourselves.  

Carbon Mac Shaft fitted to DF

Carbon Mac shaft has been fitted into SeeMore Mini Giant Deep Flange.   High MOI putter with one of the most consistent putter shafts on the market.  Been custom-made and shipped to Jason Ripley, Sheffield Professional for his own personal use.

The FGP design is SeeMore's most recognisable product, the flagship shape for the brand and the winning putter of 3 Major Championships and over 20 Tour victories. This mini Giant DF is a variation on the classic mini Giant FGP with the profile of a deeper flange. It is created using 4 sets of non adjustable copper weights in the extreme toe and heel section as well as the perimeter of the sole, for the ultimate MOI to size ratio. Milled Aluminum head weight is 355 grams. Black Finish w/dark pearlised RST.

All Putter Models Have SeeMore's Patented RifleScope Technology (RST) Alignment System, For A True Reference Point For Perfect Alignment And Set Up On Every Putt. This putter is face balanced at impact or balanced to plane, meaning it's dynamically balanced to the angle you putt and naturally returns to square at impact - less manipulation during the stroke to keep the putter face on the correct path.