Aerotech Golf Wins Winston Golf Senior Open
For the second consecutive week on the European Senior Tour, SteelFiber graphite iron shafts by Aerotech Golf delivered the win. SteelFiber i95 graphite iron shafts provided the power of graphite and the stability of steel to take first place at the Winston Golf Senior Open in Vortbeck, Germany.

Using SteelFiber i95 graphite iron shafts in his irons, the 52-year-old Spaniard won his first European Senior Tour event displaying steel nerves and graphite shafted irons. A key shot in his victory came on the second hole of the final round, where the champion holed a 139-yard shot with his nine iron for an eagle

Meanwhile, SteelFiber shafts were also making a positive impact on other pro tours. The 2012 Players Championship winner played SteelFiber i95 graphite shafts in his irons to tie for second-place at the Scottish Open on the European Tour; SteelFiber i110 shafts took T4 and T10 money positions at the Encompass Championship on the Champions Tour; and SteelFiber landed second place at the Musee Platinum Open on the Japan PGA Tour

“We congratulate this week’s champion at the Winston Golf Senior Open on his victory with SteelFiber shafts, and we’re very excited to see the positive impact that SteelFiber shafts are having on pro tours around the world,” said Aerotech Golf President Chris Hilleary. “SteelFiber graphite iron shafts are delivering wins and Top 10 money on every major tour in the world. By combining the benefits of graphite shafts with the stability of steel, SteelFiber shafts produce greater vibration dampening, greater distance and accuracy and actually lessen player fatigue. SteelFiber is game-changing innovation.”