Five Tour Victories for Mitsubishi Rayon and New products available

Through mid-July on tour, our products have scored five Tour victories and captured the driver shaft count 23 times.

*Amateurs are benefiting from MRC shafts, as well. At the PGA Merchandise Show in January, we debuted the new ion-plated Diamana™ B-series, our first shaft to use 3G M.D.I. technology featuring DIALEAD™1 and Tough-Qure™ to deliver tour-proven performance and superior stability to players of all abilities. Then this spring, we introduced to serious golfers the KURO KAGE™ Tour Edition with Titanium Nickel (TiNi) wire that was incredibly popular among Tour pros last year as a prototype. It's for players who benefit from a profile that's soft in the middle and balanced by stiff tip and butt sections. And now we're even more excited: In August, we're unveiling another premium KURO KAGE™ product, the Second-Generation KURO KAGE™ Silver shaft featuring TiNi wire that has a softer butt section, but is stiffer in the tip and mid-sections.


There are two additions to our KURO KAGE™ line this year. The KURO KAGE™ Tour Edition with TiNi wire employs super-premium, highly elastic TiNi wire that stretches and then immediately springs back to its original shape. Placed in the tip section, that "whipping effect" gives the clubhead additional thrust and energy release through impact, creating an explosive kick and a low-spin, penetrating ball flight. It also yields the ideal combination of accuracy and soft feel. This prototype shaft has wowed Tour pros and has been available exclusively through our network of Authorized Dealers since May.

Meanwhile, the Second-Generation KURO KAGE™ Silver Series with TiNi wire will also be released by the end of August. It's ideal for players wanting explosive distance that's reliable and repeatable. The shaft incorporates its predecessor's identical bend profile and the same High Density Prepreg in the lower third of the shaft, to boost consistent performance, stability and feel. This revised version will also incorporate TiNi wire technology into the tip section, much like the KURO KAGE™ Tour Series.