Jucad Trolley available

We are now able to offer and service the Jucad Trolley.  Design favourites, technically innovative with a lifelong quality. Electric and manual trolleys made of titanium, stainless steel or carbon.  They break down to such a small package which makes fitting into the boot of a car a very simple task even if you drive a Porche!

World-class design - JuCad electric trolleys hide their technology with precise, minimalist design. Your JuCad is guaranteed to be a talking-point on the golf course.
• Hand-crafted in Germany: high-end materials give absolute stability despite the ultra-lightweight frame. A JuCad can handle even the heaviest golf bag.
• Award-winning: JuCad golf trolleys have been victorious in the reddot design awards, iF Design Awards and the German Design Awards.
• Superb materials: JuCad’s titanium and stainless-steel frames shine with a noble, satin-like finish, and the carbon models have a beautiful, shimmering surface. Whichever you choose, your JuCad looks elegant and sporty both up-close and across the fairway.

Integrated technology package
• JuCad 2.0 Tech: electronic parking brake on both sides for secure grip; magnetic plug for quick & safe connection of power pack to trolley and during charging; integrated charge state display; two powerful brushless silent-running motors (maintenance-free).
• “Invisible” Power Pack: the modern lithium battery (just 1.3kg) securely stows away in your golf bag. This protects your battery and electronics from weather and UV radiation, and keeps it out of sight.
• Silent Differential Drive: JuCad’s brushless electric motor produces high-efficiency performance, plus low-wear durability and reliability.
• Auto-Forward function: set to 10m, 20m and 30m.
• Battery Charge Protection: prevents accidental overcharge or total discharge of the battery.
• Optional remote control: available for all JuCad electric models.

Maximum comfort
• Easy Fold / Unfold: all JuCads take just seconds to unpack / pack away.
• Unbelievably compact: JuCads fit even the smallest boot. And who takes their golf trolley on their golf holiday? JuCad customers do. The ‘Travel’ fits into your golf bag travel cover – so you need only check in one piece of luggage at the airport.
• Simple Speed: regulate speed with JuCad’s stepless speed dial. No buttons to press.
• Rotary Drive Controller: instant, smooth change between Drive, Neutral and Reverse.
• Long-Lasting Power: up to 45 holes on a single charge of the high-performance lithium battery.
• Push/Pull Friendly: in Neutral, freely push or pull your JuCad. Quick-change between Powered and Push/Pull without needing to disengage the wheels.
• Height-adjustable handlebar: JuCad ergonomics will relax your muscles and improve your posture.
• Five-year warranty on frame: with a two-year warranty on all mechanical and electrical parts.

Accessorise, Personalise
• 90+ golf bag designs: customisable, waterproof, dynamic, elegant designs in a wide range of colours
• Matching accessories: scorecard holder; JuCad padded golf bag travel case; extra-large, ultra-light JuCad golf umbrellas; features-packed lightweight JuCad golf bags.
• Colour choices: accessories, wheels & tyres are available in many colors at no extra cost.