New SPI in Co Cork

We welcome on board as a new outlet for SeeMore Putters Cian McNamara based at Monkstown Golf Club, Parkgarriff, Co Cork, Ireland.  Cian is a fully qualified SeeMore SPi Centre and takes delivery of 10 putters from the SeeMore Black Classic range.  Putters covering blade, small and large mallet, and also a selection of shafts to include the offset, new hosel, and straight shafts will give clients the opportunity to be custom fit to suit their needs and their preferred head and shaft style.

Having a custom fitting for a putter which accounts for approximately 40% of a players shots makes sense and is something that players seem to neglect, rather constantly striving for length with the driver where a little focus on the number of putts per round could be what makes the difference to your handicap.  The right length, loft and lie angle will support players to have the correct posture at set up, and the Rifle Scope Technology of hide the red dot between the two white lines which is a feature on every SeeMore Putter gives you feedback every time and supports a consistent set up for every putt.