Off Season Review/Refresh of Equipment

Most people have now finished their golf competitions and are going in to the off season.  During these months they will review a number of things:

Grips - 
Do clubs need regripping - when they do play in the winter months and probably encounter rain, grips can be slippy as worn and old.

Equipment -
Review of their current clubs to determine if they all worked as they would like in the last year, is there a gap in the bag which needs looking at. 
Have shafts helped and enabled them to maintain distance off the tee and fairway, or is there some improvements that could be achieved, possibly from a re-shaft on some/all clubs, or could new or an update of equipment be the answer in some areas.  

Putter - 
A simple review of number of putts per round and especially how many two or more putts per green, could be a good indicator of an area for improvement.  Setting up consistently for every putt, with the putter grip held in the same place, with the ball in the same position, whether its a 3 foot or 15 foot putt and ensuring the putter is the right length, loft and lie adjusted to ensure the head is flat to the ground and a simple method for set up could be the answer.

Any updates over the coming months gives you time to bed them in and work with your pro/coach to ensure your game and equipment are ready for the 2020 season.