Proof That The SeeMore Putting System Works
Martin Jones and Ed Robertson have been SPi Bronze Certified Instructors since March of 2012. AGT has a state of the art facility for getting custom fitted equipment in the hands of tour professionals and amateurs. 
Take a look at an excerpt from the SPi forum post below.  Join in on the conversation by clicking on the link and leaving your comments for myself, Ed and Martin to answer.  We appreciate your input.
Now that AGT is an authorised SeeMore putter fitting centre and both Ed and Martin have passed the SeeMore Bronze Instructor / Fitter test, we wanted some proof that the SeeMore system definitely has the potential to improve a player’s putting stroke.  At St. Andrews Links Golf Academy, we have a SAM Puttlab analyser which measures 28 parameters of the putting stroke. We decided to put the SeeMore system of putting to the test, using SAM Puttlab. The results blew us away.

First we had to find a volunteer who was unhappy with their putting. We soon found an ideal candidate and will tell you who it is at the end of this report.  The plan was to use SAM to analyse the player’s current putting stroke then to compare this with the SeeMore system of putting using a fitted SeeMore putter.
The player chosen generally sets up with his putter in the middle of his stance and his eye line directly over the ball.  His current putting stroke is driven by arms and hands rather than by simply rocking the shoulders with firm wrists. He complained that his putter always seemed to move outside the line on his backstroke and that the putts never felt solid. As a result, distance control was not good and his confidence was not great.

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