Ready to Ship Monday

Sunday working to ensure all our shipments are ready for the courier collection on Monday.  SPI Pack to Designer Golf - includes 2 x FGP Originals and one of them has an all black shaft, Tri Mallet with an adjustable shaft to support with custom fittings, Si2 Hosel and HT Hosel and includes a couple of groovy hardcovers, a triangulator, display board, Hide the red dot banner, SPI shirt.

Also shipping - Black Classic HT hosel with all black shaft to Ben Hallam, new pro who has joined Up To Par Management team, PCB Copper with Garsen grip and Tartan headcover to Forthview Golf Centre, Platinum Series M5HT LH to James Heath for his own use, who is one of SPI fitters and instructors at Gloucester Golf Centre.  Plus a retail sale of a SB1 Broomstick at 48inches to Devon.  Quite a week.