SPI Certified fitters - May

SeeMore Certification for the fitting centers ensures the right training is completed and thereby outlets are able to undertake a custom fitting of the putters.  We always want customers to be fitted correctly for their length, loft and lie and fully understand the method associated with the Rifle Scope Technology (RST) which is on every SeeMore Putter.

Completed in May was:

Designer Golf Ltd - Daventry
Ferndown Forest Golf Shop - Dorset
Forthview Golf Range - Falkirk
Gamola Golf - Aberdeen
Liphook Golf Club - Hants

Congratulations - visiting a pro shop with SeeMore SPI Certification should give you confidence in their ability to understand SeeMore and fit you correctly.  With the putter accounting for approx 40% of the game, having a custom fit putter is a must and with locations around the country its worth the trip to a Certified outlet for your next fitting and purchase.