SeeMore Congratulates Winner of 144th Open Championship

Greatest Final Round Putting Performance in Open History

SeeMore congratulates its most visible user for winning his 2nd Major Championship, and the brand’s 3d, at the 144th Open Championship at St. Andrews, in a classic final round played on Monday, in what turned out to be the longest Open Championship in History.  It turned out to be a battle for the ages.

The SeeMore milled FGP putter helped the Champion survive one of the great shootouts in Open Championship History by posting scores of 66-71-70-66, 15 under par 273, and ultimately winning in a 4 hole aggregate playoff.  The winner took just 26 putts in the final round, and then just 5 putts on the final 4 playoff holes to secure the victory, earning $1.8 million and vaulting to #12 in the Official World Golf Ranking.

In one of the greatest putting performances in Major Championship history, the winner made 10 birdies in the 22 holes he played on Monday, and 13 birdies in his final 27 holes going back to the end of round 3.  The 66 by the winner, is the lowest final round by an Open Champion in history at St. Andrews.

The Champion has used his legendary SeeMore FGP putter, and its recognizable trademark of the red dot and 2 white lines alignment system, for all 12 of his PGA Tour victories, including the 2007 Masters and now 2015 Open Championship.

He has earned nearly $38 million, placing him 11th on the all time career-earning list.  He has won at least one PGA Tour event in 8 of the last 9 years.  He is now 6th in the FedEx Cup standings, and has 8 top 10 finishes in 19 events for the 2015 season.  He has earned $3.9 million this season, and ranks 4th in the 2015 USA Team Presidents Cup Points list, and 2nd on the 2016 USA Ryder Cup Points list.

When combined with the 1999 US Open Victory, the SeeMore FGP putter has now won the first 3 legs of the career grand slam, each in amazing final round putting performances, including 24 putts in the final round for the 1999 US Open winner at Pinehurst, 27 putts in the final round for the 2007 Masters Champion, and now 26 putts in the final round for the 2015 Open Champion.

SeeMore’s CEO, Jim Grundberg, discussed the impact of this latest Major Championship to the legacy of the SeeMore brand, by stating that “SeeMore has been preparing for this moment for the last 15 years in many ways.  With our 3d Major Championship, and this being the biggest by far on the global stage at St. Andrews and the home of golf, we are now completely prepared to help golfers from around the world find a custom built SeeMore putter to help them putt like a Major Champion.  We have instructors and fitters in place in most corners of the world who are trained to teach and fit using the SeeMore putter and SeeMore putting system.”  Grundberg sums up what it is like to be a part of the SeeMore brand family this way.  “Every golfer who uses a SeeMore putter believes that they are the best putter in the world.  And one of them of course actually is!”

Ted Gallina (PGA Member), SeeMore’s Director of the PGA Tour and Instruction, reminds golfers around the world of the simplicity and effectiveness of the SeeMore putter and SeeMore putting system.  Gallina states, “When using the SeeMore putter it makes you feel as if you played golf yesterday even though you might have not played for the last week or month.  The ability to make a repeatable putting stroke by hiding the red dot (RifleScope Technology, or RST), allows the golfer to set-up in the same position for every single putt. And many SeeMore putters are face balanced at impact, meaning the golfer will feel the inertia of the putter follow a naturally perfect path, like auto pilot, and deliver the face square at impact.”  Gallina adds that “the main benefit of ALL SeeMore Putters is that the golfer will become much more familiar with what his/her own best putting stroke feels like and will be more likely to be able to repeat that perfect stroke on a consistent basis.  That confidence leads to greatly improved putting, more fun, and lower scores.  And in some cases, Major Championships!”

RST Technology SeeMore’s patented RST, known by a visible gun sight on the top line, allows the golfer to set up the putter perfectly each and every time in relation to the intended target line. This is accomplished by lining up the black bottom portion of the shaft between two white lines and covering a signature red dot on the heel of the top line.  The process is like locking radar onto a target.  The two parallel white sight lines frame the shaft and serve as an indicator that the golfer is in perfect position to make a consistent and reliable stroke.