SeeMore Launches SPi
The reason why this week's winner, or any TOUR player, mini-tour, college player or top amateur uses a SeeMore Putter, is because of the results that they see on a daily basis using the "SeeMore System." The instant feedback is given as soon as the putt is hit. This is what our SPi Instructors teach on a daily to their students.

Not only do these players use the benefits of the SeeMore system, but also our 140 worldwide SPi Instructors. Both TOUR players and SPi Instructors see how a consistent set-up, consistent ball position will lead to a more consistent stroke. Therefore being able to learn your good putting stroke from your bad putting stroke.

SPi brings our passion and teaching platform to the teaching professionals in a way that is helping them grow their competence, confidence, and teaching breadth in all things putting. SPi trains and certifies golf instructors, and then helps them find students, juniors, and mini-tour players to bring into a putting training program. It creates a huge win-win, and is one of the freshest ideas in the golf industry in a long time. SPi already has nearly 20 teachers who have rapidly advanced through this training to where they are becoming regional leaders in putting instruction. If you are a golf instructor and would like to become a SPi Certified Instructor, please contact Ted Gallina at for more information. We will teach you to learn to enjoy putting instruction.