Sink more putts

As avid golfers we’ve all been there, haven’t we? For once, our golf game is on song and we’re playing really well. Perhaps it’s in the monthly medal, a club competition or just a casual game of golf with friends at the weekend after a long week at work. We might even be playing in a major… though I’m not sure that will ever happen to me! Our score card is looking promising and we make that fatal error of letting ourselves think that we’re in with a chance of getting our best ever score, perhaps even winning. And then it happens. That dreaded moment we all fear. We suddenly find ourselves faced with that key putt we’d been desperately hoping wouldn’t come our way. Yes, that 10 or 15 foot putt we know we simply have to hole in order to have a shot at that win. Earlier in the round, when the pressure was off, our putting was easy, carefree and it didn’t matter so much. Now it does. It matters a lot. Looking down at our putter, the confidence drains out of us. We begin to feel we can’t hole the putt. Well, for most of my golfing odyssey this has been me. A no-hope putter who even began to worry about getting the gimmie tap ins. I was to putting what a strawberry jelly is to building construction: useless.

Then my putting game changed for ever. Purely by chance I saw an advert for SeeMore putters. I have to be honest and admit that I’d not heard much about them. Yes, I knew that Payne Stewart had spectacularly won the 1999 US Open following a stellar putting performance, but I didn’t know that he’d done so with a SeeMore putter in his hand. Yes, I knew that Zach Johnson had won the US Masters in 2007, largely due to an exemplary performance on the greens. But, again, I didn’t realise then that he’d also achieved this amazing feat with a SeeMore putter in his hands (and did so again in style at the British Open in 2015).

Bearing this in mind, I approached my local SeeMore dealership and, after a supportive and helpful discussion regarding which putter design and set up might best suit my putting stroke, I ended up buying a milled FGP putter. With some trepidation, I set out onto my home course intrigued to see whether the very simple ‘hide the red dot’ instruction worked, or whether it was just another one of those clever advertising gimmicks dreamt up by some slick marketing agency to lure me into parting with my hard-earned cash. I come from a part of the United Kingdom which is renowned for being slightly sceptical, so I wasn’t going to be easily won over. Having drained reasonably long putts on each of the first three holes - with my playing partners looking on in a way that clearly suggested they thought I was on some form of performance enhancing medication - by the fourth hole I was a total SeeMore convert. And I can genuinely say that eleven years later I haven’t used another brand of putter other than a SeeMore. I haven’t even been remotely tempted to dabble with another make to see whether it can perform like my trusty SeeMore. I genuinely know that I won’t play another brand of putter until I’m too old to play this wonderful game of golf. In my opinion, SeeMore putters are the best kept secret in golf.

Just PR words? No, absolutely not! Now I’m not claiming that I hole every putt that I stand over, but what I definitely do know is that the SeeMore’s patented Rifle Scope Technology ensures that my setup is perfect every single time, removing variables in my alignment and putting stroke that can lead to disastrous mistakes on the greens. Having been a serial putting no-hoper, I now know that each time I hit a putt I stand a great chance of getting the ball very close or holing it. Having previously been absolutely terrified on the greens, I now actually enjoy the challenge of putting. The reason? My SeeMore putter.

Why do I love SeeMore putters so much? SeeMore putters are immaculately made of the very finest materials, and it shows. Having used my SeeMore putter for over a decade, I can confirm it still looks like it did on that very first day of use. The premium materials used in construction ensure that the feel of the ball as it comes off the club face is always sweet and sublime. Putts glide without any bumps or bobbles towards the hole like a swan sailing serenely down the river. That alone would be a clincher for many. But there’s more to a SeeMore putter, so much more. The simple but amazingly effective ‘hide the red dot’ arrangement on every SeeMore putter gives you ultimate assurance and confidence that each time you stand over a putt your club face will be square to your intended line of play. It might be simple in its design but my goodness it really works!

It’s true that SeeMore putters might cost slightly more than your average off the shelf golf store putter. But you need to remember that you’re making an investment that may mean you never need to buy another putter for the rest of your golfing career because your putting is so good. A SeeMore putter is that big a thing! SeeMore pre- and after sales service? Brilliant. Friendly, constructive and competitively priced. What more could you ask for?

So, let’s go back to my 10 to 15 footer that I used to be terrified of. Well, quite simply, I’m not afraid of them any longer. Each time I stand over my putts I now genuinely feel that I’m in with a serious chance of holing them. Isn’t that what golf should be about? With a SeeMore putter in your hands it is. Oh, and yes!, I did hole that knee jangling putt on the 18th hole in a big club competition and my name is now printed in shiny gold lettering on a board in the club house and will be there long after I’m gone. I couldn’t have done it without my fantastic SeeMore putter in my hand. I now know how Payne Stewart felt using his SeeMore putter and how Zach Johnson feels using his. Get one! I promise you won’t be disappointed and will immediately ask yourself why you hadn’t got one sooner.

Simply - sink more with a SeeMore! Chris Haslam