SteelFiber Nails Down Top 10s at Greater Hickory
The No. 1 composite iron shafts in golf, SteelFiber shafts added two more Top 10 Finishes to their season total at this week’s Greater Hickory Kia Classic on the Champions Tour. SteelFiber players claimed sixth- and ninth-place ties at the Greater Hickory, plus SteelFiber shafts recorded a season high on the Champions Tour of 16 sets in play.

“Technology, material sciences and engineering methods are constantly advancing in most categories of golf equipment, yet we have rarely seen real game-changing innovations in the iron shaft category. The typical design for steel iron shafts, for example, has basically remained unchanged for more than 80 years. However, SteelFiber composite technology is one of those game-changing innovations,” says Aerotech Golf President Chris Hilleary. “SteelFiber shafts feature a high-modulus graphite core laced with micro-thin steel fiber — a unique combination that provides a solid feel at impact while also giving a player the benefits of greater vibration dampening, reduced fatigue and increased clubhead speed. The result is a composite shaft alternative for irons that has proven itself on the pro tours.”

For the fourth consecutive year, SteelFiber was the No. 1 composite iron shaft on the PGA TOUR. SteelFiber shafts ended the regular season with five wins; No. 2 and No. 3 in the FedEx Cup Season Points; No. 6 and No. 12 in FedEx Cup Playoff Points; and ended 2013 overall as No. 3 and No. 5 on the PGA Money List; Nos. 8 and 9 in official world rankings; and tied for first and fourth in Top 10 finishes. SteelFiber shafts were also the No. 1 composite iron on the Champions Tour this year, earning one victory and numerous Top 10 finishes.

SteelFiber shafts provide superior performance through innovative composite engineering that combines a high-modulus graphite core with 59 miles of steel fiber lacing the shaft surface. While the shaft’s graphite core provides vibration dampening, increased clubhead speed and maximum distance, the steel fibers produce optimum weighting for a solid feel at impact and add stability and control for pinpoint accuracy.