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Evaluation Services

A full analysis, initially looking at how your existing club(s) are made up by surveying aspects such as club length, digital frequency analysis, true loft, face angle and swing weight. This helps us identify the cause of any performance-related issues, highlights any inconsistencies, and what your club(s) are likely to promote in their static state.
Dependent on the evaluation service selected we will capture dynamic data using our Launch Monitor to confirm any areas where there may be performance deficiencies.

Fitting Services Prices (offset against equipment purchase)

Driver Fitting £35
Fairway Wood Fitting £35
Hybrid Fitting £35
Iron Fitting £50
Wedge Fitting £35
Putter Fitting £35

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Services for existing equipment

Driver Evaluation – 30 mins £35
Iron Club Gapping – 1 hour £50
Wedge Optimisation – 1 hour £50
Short game blueprint – wedge optimisation and putter evaluation and fitting – 1 hour £50
Loft and Lie (forged clubs only) £35
Full Bag Evaluation with club gapping (2 hours) £75
Full Bag Evaluation, Swing Analysis with AAA Class PGA Pro (3 hour) £125