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About Us

WE ARE A QUALITY WORKSHOP NOT A QUANTITY GOLF SHOP and our philosophy and customer service reflect this. 

So WHY Custom Fit? 

The golf manufacturers "one size fits all" approach when we are all different shapes, sizes, ages, and gender, as well as having a range of capabilities just doesn’t quite stack up and is certainly not going to help you to improve and get full enjoyment from your game, whatever your individual objectives and goals happen to be.

At Four Counties Golf, we take the highest quality components to enable us to design and then assemble each head, shaft, and grip to the appropriate specification.  This is after taking into consideration your individual profile data, which is collected by using state-of-the-art technology and by using expert analysis and interpretation we are able to guide you to the right equipment to meet your needs, from the millions of possible component permutations.

Established in 2004, and based at Newton near Rugeley, Staffordshire, we continue to develop and grow, with an expanding list of clients from both the Midlands and as far afield as the Isle of Man, Devon, and Norfolk as well as international visits from Spain, Cyprus, Switzerland, and Saudi Arabia - all aspiring to achieve their personal ambitions.

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While the perfect golf swing is a lifelong quest, our experience shows that the vast majority of golfers can benefit from a personalised equipment makeover. By working together the best set of clubs that you will ever own are those that have been custom fit to you, they will introduce more consistency, better accuracy, potentially greater distance, and this should all result in more enjoyment and possibly even lower scores.

True custom fitting is about working with the player, maybe over several sessions to get things right and we are committed to providing a quality service at a price that does not need to break the bank.

Offering the full range of services from customisation, repair, or complete set build. We always use high-quality components from the world's most respected manufacturers, with a comprehensive range of heads and shafts to suit all levels of price points and dynamic playing characteristics.

Qualifications / Company Accolade
  • SeeMore Certified Instructor and Fitter
  • Authorised Fitting Centre for Miura, Vega, Wishon, KBS, Accra
  • Truetemper Performance Fitting Centre
  • Mitsubishi Rayon Key Account
  • Graphite Design Authorised Dealer