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How do I Care for my Custom Built Clubs?

Basic rules to protect your custom made clubs

To ensure your clubs maintain good condition it is important that you follow a few basic rules:

Cleaning Brush
DO NOT use brushes with wire/brass bristles as this will damage the coating particularly on forged clubs which are carbon steel not stainless steel.
Head Covers
If you use iron head covers and play in the wet/damp conditions, ensure you dry the clubs after playing and leave the covers off to enable them to dry fully.  Dampness will cause rust.
Forged Club Heads
These will mark very easily due to the softness and are particularly susceptible to stones in bunkers – BEWARE.  Small nicks can be ground out.
Grips will last longer if washed regularly and performance will be maintained in poor conditions.
Graphite Shafts
A good graphite friendly bag is essential.  Shafts will mark very easily and will wear if rubbing against hard surfaces.