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Over the years we have developed a wide range of specialist equipment services.  So whether you are looking for a new set of custom fit clubs or whether you would like your current clubs retro-fitted contact us now to find out how we can help you play better golf.

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Custom Fitting Session
We use the recognised six step fitting process for our CUSTOM FIT SESSIONS to ensure the very best results:

1. Performance Profile: Evaluation of a player’s game, history, personal preferences and current equipment 

2. Static Measurement: A player’s measurements, body type and physical limitations 

3. Advanced Ball Launch Analysis: Tracking all aspects of a player’s swing and ball flight using Flightscope Launch Monitor 

4. Equipment Trial: Testing to find the ideal specification for each player’s swing profile 

5. Composition: Assembling the best combination of clubs, including irons, woods, hybrids and wedges, to suit each player’s game 

6. Post-fit Check-up: To track a player’s progress and make any additional adjustments

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Driver and Fairway Wood Fitting
Max out your distance and accuracy by having the longer clubs in your bag optimised to suit your swing.  Achieving distance and accuracy from the tee is our main objective and by using Launch Monitor Technology, we can determine the proper length, flex, loft and face angle necessary to longer and straighter drives.

Player Benefit: Proper length allows the player to centre their impacts on the face. The closer you hit the ball to the Centre of Gravity, the greater ball speed you will produce. The greater the ball velocity, the further the ball will travel. By optimizing launch angle and ball spin rate, the player will consistently fly the ball longer and straighter.

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Iron and Hybrid Fitting
It is our aim to ensure that every area of you bag performs consistently providing you with the ability to make confident shot making decisions and peace of mind, knowing that your equipment will not let you down when it matters.
The use of impact labels, laser speed measurements, and an extensive inventory of test clubs, we can determine the proper length, flex, and lie angle for any given set of irons/hybrids.

Player Benefit: By knowing the best length, lie and flex for a player we can build a frequency matched set of irons/hybrids which will allow the player to more easily repeat the same good swing. An adjustment in lie will allow the player to hit the ball closer to the target. Length adjustments will allow the player to repeatedly hit the ball closer to the centre of gravity on the club face.

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Wedge Fitting - Revolutionise your short game
Improving your short game will undoubtedly lead to lower scores and with 65% of golf shots hit from within 100 yards, having the best combination of wedges is imperative. As a starting point, each wedge should have the same grip, shaft and flex. They should then be optimised for length, lie and loft. Proper lie angle is a major fitting factor. Length and Loft can be optimized for specific distances. Sole width and bounce angles can be adjusted to best suit the region players live in and/or courses they play.

Player Benefit: by customizing wedges to perform better on certain courses, players can hit crisper shots. Players will be better able to control trajectory and spin with custom-fitted wedges.

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Putter Fitting
Success on the putting green requires a solid and repeatable putting stroke, the ability to read greens and a positive mental attitude. Most players are not aware of the dynamics of putters. Adjustment of loft, lie, and length can greatly enhance consistency. Use of lasers and visual observations will enable Four Counties Golf to determine what adjustments will have the best results.

Player Benefit: A putter that is custom fitted for weight, length, lie and loft, will consistently roll the ball straighter and with less tendency to skid or bounce off the intended line and a correctly fitted putter encourages the correct set-up position leading to a natural, repeatable putting stroke. If required the Balance Certified system enables putters to be set up for optimum feel and performance.

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Fitting Services Prices (offset against equipment purchase)
Driver Fitting £35
Fairway Wood Fitting £35
Hybrid Fitting £35
Iron Fitting £50
Wedge Fitting £35
Putter Fitting £35

Evaluation Services
A full analysis, initially looking at how your existing club(s) are made up by surveying aspects such as club length, digital frequency analysis, true loft, face angle, and swing weight. This helps us identify the cause of any performance-related issues, highlights any inconsistencies, and what your club(s) are likely to promote in their static state.

Dependent on the evaluation service selected we will capture dynamic data using our Launch Monitor to confirm any areas where there may be performance deficiencies.

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Services for existing equipment

Driver Evaluation – 30 mins £35
Iron Club Gapping – 1 hour £50
Wedge Optimisation – 1 hour £50
Short game blueprint – wedge optimisation and putter evaluation and fitting – 1 hour £50
Loft and Lie (forged clubs only) £35
Full Bag Evaluation with club gapping (2 hours) £75
Full Bag Evaluation, Swing Analysis with AAA Class PGA Pro (3 hour) £125

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Loft and Lie Adjustment
Sometimes overlooked and usually determined incorrectly by quick fit golf centres, it is important that both the lie angle and ball strike point are measured accurately.  This combined with the static measurements in line with club measurements give a start point to set the correct loft and lie. The player then goes to the course to confirm the results are inline with expectations.  A follow up visit is sometimes required for fine tuning.

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Other Services

Club Re-gripping
It is important that worn or shiny grips are replaced to give you the best possible control of the club. This will promote a more relaxed grip pressure giving players a free, natural release of the club and ultimately more consistency of shot. With access to all grips, your clubs can be personalised with texture, material and colour options but most importantly the correct size!

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Whatever the reason for needing a reshaft, we can service your need and get you and your clubs back on the course as quickly as possible.  A new set of shafts and grips will be fitted and built to give you the feel of a new set of clubs.

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