x x


I would like to thank you very much for all your work and help in preparing my fabulous new Golf Clubs.  On their first outing I achieved an impressive 8 pars so feeling very optimistic and happy with my purchase.  I am enjoying golf so much and owe so much to John Tinsley.  We never fail to have fun in the lessons and look forward to continuing on this golfing journey.  I appreciate how quickly you managed to get the clubs over to the Isle of Man.  It really did feel like waiting for Christmas.
Kind Regards Di Neale

Having been recommended by Ged Read and now have my 3 and 5 wood approximately two months ago I can confirm that the flight of the ball off the club face is superb together with the shortening of my Driver. Thank you again for your help and when required I would not hesitate to contact you again.
Regards, Robert Gostelow.

I shot my best ever gross today (73 against a par of 70). I know it was only the Friday morning roll up and off the yellow pots but I’ve never hit the ball so well and accurately from tee to green. My iron play (including the 5 hybrid) is finally getting close to the consistency of the driver you made for me. I also made some great putts for birdie, which I haven’t done very often in the past (my previous birdies have usually come from close approach shots or chip ins). My distance control and accuracy have both improved dramatically with the Seemore, it’s getting to the stage where I’m disappointed if I’m not holing or nearly holing the 20 footers whereas before I was almost relieved not to 3 putt.
I took a bit more care with the preparation today with my iron shots and there wasn’t a hint of them going off to the right. They all flew dead straight and it was only the quality of the strike that affected the outcome in terms of front to back dispersion.
Sorry I’ve gone on a bit but basically thank you so much, you’ve done a great job!

Ged Read

Here it is !!!! My wonderful new SeeMore Putter ( still needs a name - any suggestions?). First outing yesterday and it was fantastic- 4 over par at WHGC. Thanks to Mel/Anne at Four Counties Golf. Great club and great technical advice,
Christine Fisher


Apologies for the delay of this note but I just wanted to say a big thank you for sorting my clubs out.  They are great and looking forward to play next years Senior US Open - so will be trying to get fit and practice for then.  May need to tweak the weight of the putter but will be in touch.  Many many thanks.
Kind Regards - Alison Nicholas

"I thought I might be looking at a very expensive option, instead I have clubs that are just right for me and they are reasonably priced.  I'll be back!"
Brain Partington


"There is club fitting and then there is Melvyn Fern the consummate club fitter.  Knowing that the club in your hand has been perfectly tailored to you brings plenty of confidence.  Since Melvyn made me a set of forged irons in August 2006 my handicap has gone from 16.6 to 11.3 - say no more."
Graham Slack


"Firstly I must compliment you on the set of forged irons you made for me last year, SUPERB.  My game has never been any better.  The driver took some getting used to but is under control now and I am quite happy.  The reason for contacting you is to arrange a visit to have my clubs checked and would also like you to make me a couple more."
Rob Chadwick


"Feedback on 3 wood is that it is gorgeous, the ball flight is good and I can both draw and fade it.  I like the shaft a lot, it is a lot more stable with more feel."
Chris Dewes


"I thought I would drop you a line on my 3 wood and hybrid, that half an hour spent on your launch monitor was the best money I have ever spent.  The 3 wood I am just hitting out of my boots, long and straight, the shaft you fitted is spot on.  The Taylor Made hybrid is not good so on the information you have can you make me a 5 wood for about 220/230 yards."
Steve Brooks


"New Driver - Awsome!"
Pete Hartley


"The initial clubs and changes you have made are extremely positive.  I have been out today at the practice ground and really enjoyed it."
Christine Fisher


"With regards to my new clubs, only had the chance to play with them three times so far.  Love them all, the irons work like a dream, I am hitting longer and straighter without hardly any duff shots, which is great.  The U iron is unbelievable and if the new driver gives me as much pleasure I will be a happy bunny." 
Peter Dockerty


"Just to confirm that I received my 5 wood safely, it looks very good but have not yet used it in anger.  I must say that I am delighted with the set of irons you made for me, as I am hitting the ball sweeter and longer than ever before.  I won a seniors competition a couple of weeks ago and I am beginning to make some progess to reducing my handicap."
David Stevenson


"Have now tried out my new golf clubs and am impressed, I am beginning to hit the driver straighter and most of the other clubs are working well.  It's just getting used to the new feel, length etc and knowing what they will do.  Thanks for all your help, you will read about it when I top the order of merit or am asked to play in the Ryder Cup!"
Richard Bidlecombe


"Jill loves the fordged wedge, great feel, great sound, I can't get it out of her hands!" 
Trevor Iball


"Thanks for the wedges, I put them under the gun immediately on Sunningdale Old Course, very good indeed.
Rainer Veith


"In May 2008 I decided to purchase a new driver. I visited Melvyn at Four Counties golf and after trialling a few combinations ended up purchasing an Alpha V5 driver with an SKFiber shaft. I liked the feel of the club so much that I bought the 3 wood and 7 wood to match. These clubs are awesome and are largely responsible for me being able to get onto the long par 4's at my home club in regulation. I also bought new forged wedges  (52, 56 and 60) and for the first time in 40 years of playing golf achieve backspin. My handicap has dropped during the summer by a massive 30% and am thrilled to have finished the season with a handicap of 5.9. I am absolutely delighted by the level of service and the way that Melvyn stuck with the challenge to achieve a combination that works for me". 
Steve Turner, Burton on Trent Golf Club - October 2008.


"Reference my club fitting today, I just went to the range and hit 10 shots with every iron - dead straight! Thanks for your advise and help."
Ross Austwick


"Just like to say thanks for the new clubs, you have done a first class job.  Playing very well now.  I was a bit worried when you made them longer but no problem, hitting them well, a great set of irons.  It is not often these days that you can say GOOD JOB, but you have done just that.  If you find anyone who can\\\'t make up thier minds use this email."
John Watson


"What I found fairly early on was that using Pro V1 or 1X I am spinning the ball off the green, which I believe is something you told me in your loft. Last Thu I played at Portal, a very good championship course and played to 4, my H/C is 12. I had 3 birdies and lipped out 2 more. The trajectory and length with the new irons are great, I hit a 175 yard par 3 with a 7 iron, the tee and green are the same level and there was no dead ground between tee and green. I am very pleased and things should only get better when I've played 10 or more rounds next year. Thank you for your service and cheery persona."
Paul Birchall


"As a high handicaper I was not sure what a custom fit set of clubs would bring to my game!  The only consistent part of my game seemed to be the inconsistency.  Putting my entire trust in Melvyn has delivered a new shaft and grip on my driver which now finds the fairway with alarming consistency.  I replaced all my irons, the shafts are heavier, the grips fatter and I have an unfamiliar awareness of the the club head position that my off the shelf graphite irons never delivered.  It's so good to know that in this forgiving game that my clubs are set up to deliver the best I can achieve.  The trust I have developed in Melvyn's knowledge and ability will keep me coming back for year.  Thankyou."
Phil Whaley


"Good newsletter and I also like the website.  Thanks for the session with the driver, it really helped - Matt had me smacking it long and straight again after I finished my lesson."
Adie Wells


"Just a quick line to thank you for the adjustments to my clubs, it's not a good sign I played 7 shots under my handicap and won the bogey competition with +11.  I have also been labelled as a bandit and if it carries on they won't let me play anymore!"
Phil Wright


"Hi Melvyn - just to say many thanks for setting up my clubs.  The driver is perfect - easy swing - can release with right hand without fear of big hood - same with the irons - all working well - even managed to get a few putts in the hole yesterday -still need to keep the head still through!  
Mike Hearn


"Many congratulations re your award (Top 100 club fitters). It really comes as no surprise to me that you have received the award, as your expertise, patience and good nature is obvious to anyone who comes into contact with you. You will be interested to know that I am starting to use my driver well off the T. I had the best front 9 so far last Wednesday at Willesley once again Melvyn many congratulations."
George Ellis


"I played at Tain in Scotland last week, that is one beast of a golf course but, if you get up that way don"t miss it. Just thought I would let you know your irons are doing great work, I am hitting the 7 iron 173 yards that is one good club, have settled into them very well now, won't bore you with all yards they do, only to say big thanks."


"Melv just to let you know the clubs are a mile better, had two lessons thur and friday, then played yesterday what a difference......Played really well....And the driver is soooo good for accuracy and another 30yrds on drive....Well happy Melv....
P.S. Pro did say was to close to the ball............No Width!!"
Pete Ball


"Hi Melvyn – just to say thanks for the fitting up of the new forged iron heads.
They play well and I found them easy to use right from the start of my first round with them on Thursday.
Also the Rescue produce a solid strike and  is easy to play. Just need another few mph swing speed – no hope of that I’m afraid – at least my putting remains effective.
Junior Clubs – my Grandson is 42 inches and my granddaughter 50 inches in height – I presume the 7 iron will be okay for my granddaughter but t I think I need something shorter for my grandson – please can you give me some advice on this."
Mike Hearn


"Hi Melvyn
just an update on the great Alpha driver you made me it hits long and mostly straight so great for me. I am now looking for new shafts for my irons can you suggest a good shaft for a smooth swing with a kick at the release point. thanks again."


"It`s been a while since I took ownership of the beautiful golf clubs you made for me, I could not use them for some weeks as I injured my shoulder, it took a week or so to get used to them as they are much lighter than my old clubs, so I had to slow down my swing and then speed up slowly, I can`t believe how far the balls going ,7iron 170 yards, 5 wood 225 yard all other clubs 20 to 40 yards further. I had a lot of comments on the clubs so I passed on your details, so it only leaves me to thank you very much for your care and craftsmanship."


"Having my existing golf clubs set up 'properly' has changed my whole golfing life!  It's a different game!  Then adding to the bag my new offset driver and Alpha wedge was the icing on the cake - pleased to say that my handicap has dropped 6 shots to 15 this season.  Thanks."
Jim Wagstaff


"300yard drive at the last play off hole, the Alpha driver certainly helped with this win as I said it fly's so straight that I had the confidence to hit it most holes."
David Westwood wins Birmingham Mail Champion of Champions Title at Copt Heath


"Winter Service made the irons work fantastically well.  Setting the clubs up for me have improved the performance and given greater consistency - like having a new set of clubs."
Paul Butler - Atherstone Golf Club


"Just to let you know - clubs are going really well - irons are a revelation - finally sorted out the driver on second round - going long - really enjoying the Callaway Tour iX balls except they cut up a bit.  Occasionally getting fade on driver but is improving - thanks for everything.
 Mark Willetts


"Thank you for fitting such an excellent shaft in my driver. The Mitsubishi Fubuki shaft is fabulous - I hit every fairway and all shots have been plumb down the centre and very long.  What a driver!"
Steve Brooks


"I have the SK Fiber shaft fitted in the Alpha Hybrids and have been very satisfied with the performance. In fact can you build me a 3 and 5 fairway wood...." Arrived and comment back was..... "If the club plays as good as it looks it will be tremendous.  Delighted" 
Ian Usher


"New SK Fiber Fury shaft fitted in my driver is absolutely fabulous very straight and very long. Thanks for your advice and prompt service."
Martin Lloyd - Maxstoke GC


Popped in to see Cheryl en route to my flat and had the opportunity to try it out.
Brilliant, just brilliant, the first was tentative, but straight, the second like an arrow and I’m guessing 165+ , the third like a rifle shot , straight as a die, and 190 comfortably.
The grip, the whip, the length the lot ………….just right.
So many thanks to you and of course to Cheryl, who witnessed the width of my smile !
I’m sure I’ll be in touch about other changes,
John F. Wilson


I will always buy my clubs from Melvyn now. He is excellent at his job and is very knowledgeable in what he does. He also shows a great interest in the people he works with.
A real interesting guy if you like golf !


Interview with Kath Ashley, Nuneaton Golf Club, Warwickshire County Player 
Q.  What were you wanting to achieve which prompted your visit to Melvyn?
A. I wanted to improve my game, to become more consistent and to hit better iron shots.
Q. What were your first impressions? Set up, process taken through? 
A. I was very impressed with the set up and thought the process I was taken through was not only very thorough but also very informative and enjoyable.
Q. How did you feel at the end of the session? 
A. I was very satisfied and excited at the end of the session.
Q. Would you recommend to others? Why? 
A. Yes I would recommend Melvyn to others and in fact already have. The reason is that Melvyn has helped to improve my game and made me a much more consistent golfer. I play off 4.5 and very rarely shoot over 80 these days. My iron play has improved tremendously, particularly my short irons. The set Melvyn made up for me was 5 iron to 58 degree wedge. I have 4 wedges in all and they are awesome. 
Q. What has been the highlight since getting the new clubs? 
A.  The highlight for me is looking up after I have hit a shot and seeing it go straight at the pin. Also I have gained 10 - 15 yards with each club. My 45 degree wedge goes 115 yards and my 6 iron 165 yards. Not bad for a woman !!!!


Just a quick note to say thank you very much again for my clubs – I love them!  I went down to Harborne on Saturday afternoon, to play a few holes and used irons more than I would have normally.  I even used my 5 iron off the tee on our Par 3 3rd (wouldn’t normally have used an iron)– and the ball ended up 2” from the hole! Thanks again 
Debbie Naylor


Ian plays the Alpha 8302 Driver with SKFiber Lite Revolution1 shaft which compliments the Alpha B5 fairway wood and hybrids also in the bag.


The new driver is simply tremendous.
Ian Usher


Alpha V5LX 3 wood absolutely awesome!
Paul Lleywellen


Just to say that I’ve eventually used the clubs in anger, rather than just on a range, and they are superb.

The driver is a revelation, even in these soggy conditions I was long ……well for me……….looking forward to drier fairways.

Great to have a pitching wedge back in the bag………faultless, as I was able to lengthen and shorten the shot as needed.

Also with drier fairways the 5 will be my straightest club
Putting …………getting better slowly
The 7 shots went higher than I’m used to but quickly controlled the length. 
So all in all I’m a very happy chappy, …………….many thanks

John F. Wilson


What have u done to my clubs?!?!? Ur a genius! Just left The Belfry having ripped the driver (for the 1st time in months) and pretty much every iron! Many thank
Steve Buet


If I was going to mark the clubs out of 10 they would get 11.  Achieved what we set out to do - better distance and accuracy.  Wishon 870 Ti irons with Aerotech shafts.
Jeff Freakes - Atherstone Golf Club


New driver is a revelation, handicap down from 11 to 9 in less than two months.  Accuracy improved and hitting the fairway at least 25-30 yards longer. Alpha 8.302 Driver with Mitsubishi Javelin shaft.
Steve Bedlow


Just a quick update on the driver. After using it now for two months it is going really well. Very very pleased with it. The combination of the Alpha 8302 head and the Mitsubishi Ahina shaft is nothing short of fabulous, an awesome piece of kit!!
Ian Mathers - Titherington Golf Club


Having had a fitting for irons followed by a consultation, we sat down to talk about the results.  He  recommended a specification loft ,lie and shaft for the  clubs from the findings he had received from his computer and also the experience and knowledge he has gathered over the years of  club making.
Picked them up after a week, so pleased, fantastic.  Why I have never chosen to go  to a experience club maker before.... who knows. His equipment and years of experience are second to none.
Gone back for a fitting for  a driver.   Magic!!!!
Thanks again Melvyn.
Martin Stevenson Handsworth Golf Club.


I have played quite a few rounds now before writing this as I wanted to give the driver a fair try as I struggled at first, and I wondered if I should have gone for the Wishon head which I think may have been easier to hit?
Now that I am getting more used to it, I am starting to find the middle of the clubface more often and it goes a fair old distance and produces some good results. 
I am not miles farther than my old one, (which I never expected anyway) and depending on the contact, It ranges between 10 yds and 30 yds longer on the really good strikes. (not wind assisted) 
Where I think it comes into It's own for me is when I'm hitting into the wind, I have played into the teeth of both 25 mph and  30 mph winds and I can still drive it 200-205 yds! That is a major achievement for me as with my old driver, I would be lucky to hit it 175 yds flat out!
I also notice that, just like you said, this shaft is very much easier to swing while producing good results for me. I don't have to try and swing as hard as I can in order to get good distance.
This gives me great confidence when stepping onto the tee-box even when it is quite a narrow fairway. I can hit this driver very straight and even when I am off slightly, it is never a disater and I am in the semi-rough.
I have only driven out of bounds 3 times and that was when I first started using the driver.
My average distance is 225 yds, my longest strikes (only 3 times so far) have been 265 yds. I don't like saying the last figure as it always sounds like an exaggeration but the distances are correct as they were worked out with a Bushnell range finder.
All in all Melvyn, I am very pleased with my fitting and my purchase from you.
(Alpha 8302 Driver)

Stewart Reid - Bathgate, Edinburgh


I just wanted to let you know that I am really chuffed with the 3 wood. I can’t believe the difference in consistency and ball flight from that shaft. Only problem is that my driver is now obsolete because the V5 is just as long (I feel another visit coming on!) The thing that has surprised me is that I find it even easier to hit off the deck than off the tee even though the club head is quite big, so I am over the moon. 
(Alpha V5 3 wood with SK Fibre Lite Revolution 1 shaft)


Shafted!!...but in a good way.
Many thanks for the 2 driver shafts you did for me - already paying dividends as you are better off by putting a smoother swing on them as they load up quite nicely....this has improved my game as I have a little more accuracy (well actually a great deal more) so now I have to get used to playing off an unfamiliar surface that some folks call a 'fairway'.
Funnily enough the smaller headed club is even more forgiving when I loosen up and get my swing going a bit and even though regular flex the head actually whips through but stays stable enough to hit the thing straight.......kind of firmer at the tip unless there is less torque (you tell me, I am genuinely interested in such matters - I understand the dynamics but don't have the skill to put them into practice)?
Whatever you did it is wonderful anyway and the confidence is slowly coming along with the consistency.
Ya get what ya pays for in this world methinks.

 Many thanks for your assistance in replacing my damaged driver. The replacement I choose from your extensive range is really very good indeed. The head is of  a rounded traditional pattern which I like. It swings easily and I gained confidence in it very quickly. Ball flight is excellent .

Mike Hearn

 I've been getting on with my irons since you tweaked them to fit me better in the late spring.

In short my golf this year since has been nothing short of revelationary!   I am hitting the ball cleaner, and straighter more consistently more of the time. The feel is just superb.  I now feel that I now strike the ball rather than hit at it so tempo and control has really come on leaps and bounds as well.

I've hit some of my lowest scores ever, just missing out on breaking 80 for the first time ever and that was with an 8 on the 18th!!  I am now scoring mid 80 rounds as a norm and shooting par on bad rounds. I just wanted to say thank you again for all of your help and for giving me the tools to really allow me to kick on this year.

 Since I came to you earlier this year my game has slowly come back. Handicap has moved downwards from 8.3 to 5.5.Not too bad for an old boy of 69. The Wishon 555 irons with KBS shafts has such lovely feel to them when the strike is correct, possibly a little high at times. The Alpha V5 Three & Five Woods are awesome when struck correctly but also difficult off dry very hard fairways. Alpha 830.2 Driver has its good and bad weeks! (Absolutely nothing to do with the man swinging it?) I will be back to see in early 2012. 

Thanks again Melvyn
John Allen (Milton GC)

 Email to Jim Grundberg - SeeMore

Hi Jim,
Hope you are well.
Finally managed to purchase my Seemore MX-5 putter today from Melvyn Fern at Four Counties Golf (UK).
Just wanted to drop you a note on the service I received from Melvyn which was first class

As Melvyns shop is over 300 miles from my home, it has taken me 6 months to finally visit his shop. All through this time Melvyn has provided excellent communications, advice and options and the visit today exceeded my expectations.

It is not often customer service is a priority within a commercial production company and makes a welcome change.  All in all the whole experience with Seemore has been a Pleasure.

I will certainly recommend your products to my golfing pals !!!

Kind Regards
Tommy Logan


Hi Mel
Hope you are well and not to cold!!!!!!!!!! That 5 wood you made up for me is just awesome long straight (that's the kiss of death) not hit a bad shot with it YET! 
Stephen Brooks


That driver you made me (Alpha B5LX driver with Accra Dymatch 2 Shaft).... is the best damn driver I have ever hit, you are the man!!
Iain Burton

  Just thought I’d drop you a note to let you know the new shaft in the driver is working out very well.  I’ve gone from a slice flight with it set at 2° closed to a straight/slight fade with it still set at neutral and I’d estimate I’m getting around 10-15 yards more carry. I know it’s annoying the guy I play with regularly so that’s a good thing!

Rich Billam - Charnwood

 The clubs arrived safe and well and I have had time to practice with them and played in yesterdays competition.  The fairway wood took a bit of getting used to as I haven't used one for a while but I am now hitting nice shots with a good trajectory both off the fairway and the tee.  Both hybrids played wonderfully well. The re-shafted irons are definitely easier to hit but at the moment I don't know how far they will go. This will obviously become clear over time.  All in all I have been very please both with my visit and my purchases.

Nigel Dickinson 

I am writing to let you know how thrilled I was with Melvyn's service, knowledge and help. He helped me find a putter today ( One CS) that I'm delighted with. The custom fitting process was fantastic and although I am now broke (just joking) it was worth every penny.  Thanks again. I look forward to better putting!!

Andrew Bentley

Greetings from sunny Florida where the temperature is 85 and life is good.  Thoroughly enjoying my new clubs Wishon irons with Aerotech shafts - getting more used to them everyday and am happy with them.

Alan Robinson

 I thought I would update you on the clubs (Wishon Forged Irons).   I have not played a lot as had limited time to play.  Having said that I love the feel of the clubs and I have practised with them when I can.  I am still not getting the best out of them and I notice that my striking needs to be more precise to avoid a fat shots but as the saying goes, "its the Indian not the arrow".  The feeling is lovely and I would not swap back to the Mizuno's.
Francis McCormack - Robin Hood Golf Club


 Wishon 775 Rescue arrived Monday and I played with it in competition yesterday.  Spot on!  Perfect length now.

Sharon Hewer

 Had the new Archer irons for just over a week now and I have already lost .3 off my handicap...

These irons are immense. I have not hit a bad shot with them yet. To top it all off today (Wed 3 July 2012) on our par 3 third(120 yds) I punched a wedge all over the pin and thought to myself, that's close....to my obvious delight it was in the hole. However, the other golfers on the adjacent tee and green did not think too much of my dancing and whooping !!!!

I would just like to say a big 'Thank you' to you Melvyn and if anyone is seriously thinking of getting clubs made to measure, Melvyn is your man !!

Tim Whitehouse - Harborne Golf Club


 Just wanted to write a few word of thanks for the way you helped me recently with choosing and fitting me with my new driver Alpha 8304 and Wishon 575MMC Forged Irons, as you know I play off a handicap of 1 so picking the right clubs was very important to me and I'm so glad Danny from Caulderfields recommended me to you.    

I have now played with them several times and I can honestly say it's the best money I've ever spent, they look fab and feel great even Jeremy the pro at my club is saying they are the best irons he's seen and felt in ages (I can't wait to come back and sort some new wedges and fairway woods). 
Cheers again Mel
Chris Jones - Perton Golf club Wolverhampton



Just a note to let you know how the drivers you built for us have performed. My Alpha V5 with the Accra shaft, has been very consistent since my first swing with it, and I found it well balanced and easy to use. Distance and carry seem to be outstripping my previous driver, but because of wet fairways will not be able to do a real comparison yet, until this garbage weather lets up. Hardly anything hooked or blocked, just straight down the middle, which is a big result in itself.

Max has only managed 2-rounds with her new Wishon, and she already feels a lot better with her game. She’s now getting some loft off the tee, and out- hitting what she has been getting before, but again the state of the fairways is not showing her just how much extra she’s getting from it, but she’s confident that you’ve made her longer. She’s a happy bunny, so many thanks for everything.

Pete Dockerty


Just a note to let you know that the Driver with the Accra shaft is working perfectly and the Mizuno MP59 irons are majestic with the KBS C-Tapers following the full bag appraisal...............money well spent

Don't forget to let me know when you have the new Vega in play

Many thanks for your help and expertise

Steve Baumber

PeakVision SL8

 Ever since I read Tom Wishon's book “The Right Sticks”, I have always believed that the most logical way to get your clubs fitted properly was through a club fitter. However, before I met Melvyn I had been to 4 other club fitters with generally disappointing results. Melvyn came highly recommended; I had decided to put my beautiful old Ping BeCu wedges back in the bag, but they had been ruined by another club fitter. I had a long chat about my requirements with Melvyn before we came up with a plan to go forward. We worked on my sand wedge until we got it exactly how I wanted it. I went out the next day and won a big charity event at Woburn, not all down to the sand wedge, but it made a big difference to my short game. After that we amended my pitching wedge and I had a new lob wedge built to the same specification and all are working very well.

I also bought a pair of Peak Vision sunglasses. I have been using them for about 3 months now and they are absolutely perfect. I can put them on at the start of a round and forget about them. They work just as well in bright and dull conditions and I have often kept them on even when it's raining. As luck would have it, the day after I bought them, I won a pair of Oakley sunglasses in the charity event at Woburn. However, the Peak Visions work very well and I have stuck with them and given the Oakleys to my wife.

I can thoroughly recommend Melvyn and over the next year I will gradually get him to update the rest of the clubs in my bag.
Chris – Cosby Golf Club


Just to let you know the SeeMore mFGP putter is brilliant, thank you very much for your help & great service.

Paul Gibbens 


Just to give you an update... The putter is amazing, holing more putts than ever.




Nottinghamshire Pro fitted for Accra Dymatch2 driver shaft and feedback recieved - "10/10 for the shaft, feels great, thanks."


Thanks for the other day. As usual your service is always top notch looking forward to see what damage I can do with my clubs when they are done.

Phil Wright 


Even with snow on the ground, the customer got exactly what he wanted, quickly and efficiently and he wasn't even in the UK.  His comment by email back to Melvyn was "great service, thumbs up!"  Allan Sorensen

We aim to please.



New rebuilt irons working great, will be ready for Europro qualifying at the end of the month. 

Ashley Mansfield 


Vega Wedges with KBS shafts are superb, wasn't 100 % convinced I'd have 'the game' to hit them well enough, just proves the value of proper fitting!

MP Fli-Hi 3i with C-Taper is just as effective as the 4i you did previously.  Top Notch Service as always.

Steve Baumber

Peakes Sunglasses

They're the ONLY glasses I can actually play golf in for 18 holes without them bothering me whilst swinging a club. Overall good quality and great service. 

Roger Brookes

Wishon 555s with Shimada Pro Shafts

I adore my Wishon 555s after only a couple of weeks. Very nice medium sized blade with solid but soft feel. The Shimada Pro shafts are a revelation however; the combination of feel & power is awesome!

Chris Dewes 

I tried the clubs out properly on the course last night and they are absolutely brilliant! (Wishon 575 irons and KBS Tour Shafts)

To think all these years I have been trying to play around the fact I tend to slip into a lot of draw / pull shots. I didn’t pull one shot last night, in fact everything out of the middle was arrow straight. The clubs play and feel excellent all of the way through. I haven’t had a proper chance to gauge the distances on the wedges as yet but am playing a full round Friday so will give you more feedback after that.

Thanks and speak to you soon. (P.S. can’t wait to sort my driver now!)

5 Handicapper over the moon

Just wanted to thank you for setting the Miura's up so well for me and let you know how I got on with them.  They felt completely natural and the pure grips performed really well.  I shot 2 over (4x birdies) to help our team to 2nd place in the Broadway open am-am on Saturday.  Greens weren't as tricky as they were for their invitational a few weeks ago but good shot control helped me to chase a good score and my errors were all off the tee, not with the irons (3x poor drives and a 1x bad club selection contributed to the bad holes) but the rest of the round was really solid.  Looking forward to dialing them in further but great feeling and excellent feedback. 

Mike - King Norton Golf Club (Handicap 5)

Accra Shafts make a huge difference

A big thank you for fitting my new Accra shaft in my driver and 5 wood.  I now have the correct shafts and the difference they have made is incredible. 
I am now driving with confidence and the increased distance has made it possible to reduce my approach iron shots by 2 clubs. Thank you for a great service.

Stephen Byrne

Only one way to go!!

Picked my clubs up and got Matt my pro to explain the technique for using the Tour Edge Exotics Rescue out of the rough, hitting it great.  Holed my first chip shot with the new VEGA wedge, oh my only downhill with that club now! LOL. Be in for loft, lie and grip check over the next few weeks.

Ian French 

New mFGP CS HC hits the mark

I've been away for a few days but picked up the mFGP CS HC putter this morning. It looks and feels great. The pictures don't do it justice and I'm very happy with my choice. I also like the grip too. 

I feel pretty comfortable with the length and lie. I might send you a photo of my set up to see what you think. The putters means I need to stand a little further away from the ball, which is a good thing.

Thanks for the service and quick turnaround.


Just a thank you.  The Tom Wishon 560mc irons are wonderful, 3 rounds of playing to my handicap including the pro-am on Friday 
I will endorse you again to anyone who I meet.  Ian Courts 

Getting Fitted Works

I visited Graeme yesterday at Huntswood Golf Course to review his range of Seemoreputters. The service Graeme provided was 1st class and he spent over an hour on the putting green analysing my needs. 
Graeme then went through all my options before I purchased my new Seemore putter. The philosophy that really impressed me was that this should be the last putter I ever buy. I have owned many putters but have have never had the benefits of a personal fitting before, which I really enjoyed. I would definitely recommend the service I received to all my friends. 

Barry Jones

Putter of my dreams

Just thought I would drop you a quick note to thank you for your help I now have the putter of my dreams everything is superb.
SeeMore Z3.
Bob Gill

Exotics Driving Iron

The driving iron is going well. (Exotics) It is going further than my rescue was even with the steel shaft.(Shimada Pro Shaft) Ball flight is lower but can still make the carries and better into the wind.

Chris Dewes

Driver wow

Just to say how pleased I am with the new driver.  Apart from extra distance it really is so much easier to hit.  And quite a lot of the time I hit it straight!


Not 100% fit but driver working well

Only managing to play 3 times a month at best and still not any where near fully fit.  Having said that, I have got on pretty well with the driver. I have been able to hit the driver for the entire round without the discomfort I was getting with my old driver, which was the main reason for changing the driver, so that's a big tick to start with. It has also given me another 20 yards when I get it right and about my normal driver distance when I don't which is a big bonus.  Quite a few of my friends have commented on it and have said they have never seen me hit a driver so well.  This has meant I have played quite well when I've been able to play and have unbelievably even won a board competition at Cosby this year, which is not easy to do, and have been cut to 10.  Given the limited amount of balls I could hit during the fitting that a big thumbs up to your skills as a fitter, so much appreciated.

Many thanks for your work, it has made a big difference to me this year.


Reshafted Mizuno

I had my first knock today with my reshafted Mizuno, nice to feel a forged head for a change, 
but the new shafts being the first time I've used them were far better than I thought they would be,
could feel the head more and like you said not to heavy, it's early days yet but on today's performance
can't wait for next game.

Cut to 4.5 after win with new driver

Won comp on saturday with gross 71 next 66 so cut to 4.5.  11 of 13 drives bang in middle of club!! Many Thanks.  (Exotix E8 driver with Accra FX260 shaft)

Looking forward to golf as never before

I had a fantastic lesson and fitting from John Whelan.  I played for the first time with my new SeeMore putter yesterday and was thrilled with it.  Looking forward to my golf as never before.Liam

Mirua PP

Just received my new clubs, entire experience end to end excellent, words cannot express how professional and efficient Melvyn was.  Most importantly the end product incredible, has definitely enhance my game as feel a lot more comfortable with irons, resulting in much more accuracy and consistency.   In particular Melvyn advised that instead of having the usual sand and lob wedge that he would choose too special gap wedges with different lofts and shafts.   Result fantastic now have not only good range of yardages too hit from when within 150 yards, but if possible feel even more confident with the special wedges.
In summary could not praise or thank Melvyn enough, just wish he could fix the sunshine too !

Nathan Wilkins

Putter arrived today. Brilliant service thanks very much looking forward to using it!

SeeMore Putter

Putter arrived today. Brilliant service thanks very much looking forward to using it.

Gary Seaton

SeeMore FGP

Just wanted to get back to you and confirm I have just received my SeeMore FGP putter this afternoon.
I am very pleased with the look, lie, length and grip, (all as per my specs) can't wait to get out and use it!!

Thank you so much for answering my initial e-mail as to what would suit me best and giving me the confidence to go ahead with my order.

The whole process from start to finish (building to my exact specs)has been great and I would certainly recommend the process and product to anyone considering a putter purchase.

Andrew Meloy

FGP Original SeeMore Putter for Richard Rodgers

Received my first ever Seemore putter today. Went for the original FGP and all I can say is WOW. This baby is so easy to align. I know there are folks out there who collect Seemore stuff, but if this FGP performs as well on the greens as it does on my lounge carpet I can't really see me buying another putter. Thank you for all the advice the other day Melvyn.

New SeeMore Putter in the bag

JWS Windows Ltd used his new putter which was custom fit and built by melvyn at Four Counties Golf.

Received a beautiful putter with Rosemark Grip

Received my putter this afternoon and went straight out to the putting green although it was hot (34C).
The looks of the putter is exactly as I had admired almost every day and the feel of the Rosemark grip is super. I had read a couple of reviews about the grip but I was very surprised to actually feel this grip. It feels extremely pleasant and comfortable!!
The putterface is excellent, the insert makes the ball go nicely off the putterhead ( certainly in comparison with the prototype I had tried).

Last weekend I lost almost a 12 strokes on my putting and I am confident that this will not happen to me this coming weekend ( Matchplay Championship).
I am very happy and I am very grateful that you spent so much time and advice on my putter. I am sure that more people at our golfclub will follow me with a Seemore putter!!

Man United with his new clubs

HI Melvyn,
I just wanted to let you know how pleased with the new clubs I am. (United Irons with Shimada Shafts)

Was expecting a bumpy ride to be honest. Played a 91 today and  that was including some seriously ropey putting moments and not knowing the distance of each club.  The feel of the irons is amazing, also straightened  up a lot of my flights.

Finished with the same ball I started with which is a first for me !

I would like to add the 4 iron to the set please, had no trouble with the launch of the 5 so feel it would be a good club to have in the bag.
Kind regards
Matthew Franks